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Who is Sang Le?

He is currently a CEO of Galatek & a vice president of a medical equipment & technology college (SPMET). He failed his way to where he is at. Those failures taught him lessons that now he has been using them to help many startups, small and medium businesses in Vietnam and oversea.  In 2019, he started to reach out to Vietnamese highschool students to educate them about how to prepare for thier life in Industrial 4.0 era.

Addicted Gamer

Early Life

He was a playboy, a grade C student, and an addicted gamer with no purpose in life. Until he was 16 years old, one event pushed him to almost jump down from a 13 floor hotel in Malaysia. And that near-death experience has created a “beast” in him and changed his life forever

The Sky is The Limit


Sang studied in Singapore, Hong Kong and United States. He speaks English, Mandarin and Vietnamese. He completed his Canadian high school diploma (grade 11 &12) in 9 months and got his American undergraduate degree in 2 years and 9 months. 

He loves to learn from the best

The Sky's The Limit


Sang always believes in education. His college (SPMET) is born to create new opportunities in Health industry. Thousands of his students, who 100% got a job and high paid after graduation. 

Technology has always been Sang’s passion. He went to Hong Kong and opened Galatek in 2015. Since then, he has been bringing many practical technology and marketing solutions to many small and medium businesses. 

In 2019, he decided to expand his business to Vietnam. With the desire to bring a playground for young people who are still sitting in the school chair, businessmen are hungry for big changes, individuals with the will to reach out to the world. CafeS was founded to build a community, join hands for a better future generation of Vietnam Startups.

embrace technology

Industrial X.0

With his years of experience working in technology industry, he created a course, called Industrial X.0,  for CEO, high school and university students to well prepare their skills for industrial 4.0 era.

The power of the mind

Solider Mentality X.0

His near-death experience created a tough mentaliy in him to conquer all of his challenges and achive what he got today. He now created a course to teach this methods for people want to achive anything they want in life. 

new things everyday

never stop learning

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